Are you burnt out from taking care of everyone around you? 

Goddess Mommies is a sacred haven for the busy, health conscious, spiritual mom. We understand what it is to have a million things on the go, to always be putting others needs first,the children, your work, your partner.

We also often feel judged by the people around us for our interests, or alternative ways of doing things,with all of these pressures, internal and external, we understand how tough it is to take time for yourself, to nurture yourself in really powerful ways.

Being a Mother is The Worlds Toughest Job

You're going to love this if...

  • You love healthy options for holistic healthcare, delicious cooking, and organic cleaning
  • You're always putting other people first, and struggle to take time for you...
  • You feel isolated, alone or stressed on your mom journey
  • You or your children are suffering from chronic health issues that western medicine struggles to treat, or you've been told you'll be on medication FOREVER...
  • You've gained a little (or a lot) of extra weight after kids, and are struggling to feel sexy in your "mom" body,
  • You're working your butt off in your business part time to support your family, while keeping everyone else happy.

You Deserve to Be Nurtured

Meet Sandra

I'm Sandra Catania, founder of Goddess Mommies and your self care role model. I started Goddess Mommies because I recognized the need for like minded parents to have an outlet to connect. The first playgroup was born in 2008, and since then we've hosted hundreds of meetups, workshops and playgroups. Along the way I did my reflexology training, discovered Sacred Oils, and the powerful synergy between these two paths for taking care of myself, and helping my children recover quickly from the seasonal sniffles that seem to always come when the seasons change. At Goddess Mommies we believe that you CAN have it healthy, effective, and delicious for yourself and your family.

Goddess Mommies Can Help You Learn How To:

  • Balance getting a million things done, with being a great mom, and juicy powerful self care
  • Nurture your body, love yourself no matter what your size, and find powerful states of relaxation easily
  • Keep your home as a sanctuary, smelling amazing, as well as clean without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Keep your family healthy with simple effective remedies to heal coughs, cuts, colds, skin rashes, insomnia, constipation, anxiety, depression, and headaches
  • All while keeping a budget and being able to have the time (and energy) to play with your kids!

Join Me!

I'll help you learn how to take the BEST care of YOU, so you can take better care of others.

3 Self care tips:

It’s all about nurturing the nurturer! The three areas that I like to make sure are covered are: moving my body, tantalizing my taste buds and taking care of my spirit. The ways in which I do these things are:

  • Finding physical activities that I enjoy (yoga and swimming) and making time for them each week
  • Indulging in yummy treats… for me this is usually dark chocolate, a green smoothie, an elixir or a glass of wine
  • Spending time in nature (bonus points for remembering my journal)

As a mom, it is imperative to set up a support system so that you can enjoy (and really enjoy, not feel guilty about) taking the necessary time to take care of yourself. Nobody is going to do it for you, so it is up to YOU to take the initiative and actually schedule the time into your calendar ON A REGULAR BASIS. Once it becomes part of your day or week, make it non-negotiable. This time is sacred and should be treated as such. The recharging factor of self care comes from regular practice, making the things you love to experience part of your ritual.

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Get Our 3 Most Powerful Self Care Tips for Busy Moms