Are you tired of being tired all the time?
Pulled too thinly in all directions?

It's time to turn it all around by creating self care practices
that fit into your life with grace and ease.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • It's 5 pm and you have no idea what to make for dinner.  Again.
  • It's 5 minutes before you have to leave for school and nobody is ready, including you? 
  • You can't remember when the last time you actually did something just for yourself?  Anything...

The women that benefit most from working with me have these things in common:

  • You feel overwhelmed, most of the time
  • You have a million excuses why you have no self care practices in place
  • You have tried to put self care into your life, but didn't stick with it
  • You wish you could be more organized and feel more "caught up" with everything

Additionally, when you work with me:   

  • You will find yourself with increased energy, vitality and excitement for life.
  • Relaxation and de-stressing will come much more naturally for you!
  • You'll realize that having a bi-monthly massage is a "Must have" not a "one day I will" 
  • You will discover and pursue creative endeavours which will enrich you day to day experience.
  • You'll be more emotionally available to really enjoy yourself with your kids, partner, and friends.  

My approach to what I do…

Every Goddess Mommy I work with is unique, so no two healing journeys are the same. I take the time to get to know your situation and needs and we work together from there to achieve a better quality of life and enjoyment of that life.

Get Started on Your Journey To Become a Goddess Mommy

For Moms in the Calgary area, I love to work face to face with you when possible. For those who are further away, we can set up skype/zoom calls for me to support you. My kids are in school, just like yours, so it's easy for us to setup calls weekdays during the day, but I can also be available evenings or weekends if your children are still little and at home with you. 

Breakthrough to Becoming A Goddess Mommy

Together we will identify the #1 barrier you have to taking phenomenal care of yourself,
and see if we are a good match for further work together. Click below to book a free 20 minute breakthrough call.

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Get Our 3 Most Powerful Self Care Tips for Busy Moms