Essential Oil use in Pregnancy
There are few things more relaxing to me, in pregnancy or otherwise, than the smell of some essential oils. However, there are a few specific oils which are more beneficial than others, and also a few that you may want to avoid. Here are a couple of lists and resources that I have compiled on the subject:   Essential oils that safe for pregnancy are: Lavender Mandarin Ginger Neroli Tea tree Ylang Ylang   Here are some oils that can be used during labour, to be administered by a professional:   Geranium Rose-enhances circulation and is good for labor management techniques which focus on breathing    Jasmine - dulls uterine pain, strengthens contractions, promotes birth and increases milk supply. Excellent when mixed with lavender and a carrier oil of Evening Primrose and Vit. E for perinial and cervical massage    Lavender - dulls and eases uterine pain but also increases the strength of contractions while calming the mother. Great for reducing stretch marks!    Clary Sage - relieves tension, brings on labor, helps with expelling afterbirth    Myrrh- speeds labor, opens cervix    Neroli - reduces fear, tension, insomnia, apprehension, anxiety (great as a room spray)   Rose - cleansing effect on the uterus, antidepressant, softens ligaments (easier to open pelvis to push for larger babies and smaller Mamas)   Read more here.     Which essential oils should you avoid during pregnancy? Here is the list: Toxic essential oils which dangerous and should be avoided all the times, For details check Toxic Essential Oils. Essential oils which require caution for anyone using them include :  star anise some types of basil  bay  clove hyssop some types of cedar wood juniper nutmeg parsley tarragon thyme   Commonly used oils which are normally safe but may have adverse effects when pregnant include: cedarwood  citronella  marjoram myrrh rosemary rose clary sage  peppermint     source:http://www.aromatherapy-at-home.com/essential-oils-for-pregnancy.html   A wonderful page to refer to for (Young Living) essential oils is Leah at Akasha Essence.       Enjoy!   Here is a peek at my collection... 

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