My transformational experience with Purium

I’m going to tell you the story of my Purium cleanse in a series of text messages between me and my friend Tania (who introduced me to it and supported me through the 10 days).

I did my first cleanse with Purium about five months ago in November of 2015. I have done plenty of cleanses in the past, starting with the Master cleanse at the age of 14 (!) and I still remember that cayenne pepper burn! Then, during my time in Germany I helped a woman translate her book about a Brown Rice cleanse into english and decided to try it out. Three months I was completely off all processed foods. And what a battle I had with my cravings! Wow. After I moved back to Canada in my late twenties I started doing the Wild Rose cleanse semi regularly. However I still struggled with overcoming the cravings and how yucky I felt during the ‘detox” phase. This was something I was very pleasantly surprised about when I was on the Purium cleanse. It seemed almost effortless after the first day or two to focus on eating healthy and my cravings seemed to just disappear! I felt happy and motivated and full of energy.

Here’s my 10 day journey… in texts.










After: down 7 lbs & 8.5 inches



A few days after completing the cleanse (with AMAZING results!!), I found out that I had been chosen to compete in a fashion show through a local lingerie store. The four winners would be flown to Las Vegas for a series of photo shoots which were to be as part of their “Authentic Beauty” campaign. Well, guess what? I think the confidence, energy and “glow” I gained by doing the Purium Transformation *may* have given me a winning edge! I ended up as one of the winners.
So.Much.Fun. And feeling so sexy, empowered and healthy!
Here’s a couple more just for fun 😉
I’m feeling inspired to repeat the cleanse for even greater results and continue the healthy lifestyle that I experienced. I’m also excited to try the kids line and to see how my husband does with his turn!
One of the things I loved and valued most about the experience was the support I received from Tania as well as the various people in the Facebook groups that I joined. There’s also loads of tips and recipes to be found in this online community of healthy humans!
Please ask me about $50 off Purium if you are interested in trying it out.
Posted by GS
April 26, 2016

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