I earned my Certification in Holistic Reflexology November 2008 and my Swedish Relaxation Massage in June of 2010 from the Calgary College of Holistic Health. I have begun studying the Dien Chan method of facial reflexology and am pleased to offer this modality as well.

I specialize in Prenatal and Postnatal Reflexology, but work on any and all feet and bodies.

Reflexology is the study of the arts and science of massaging reflex points on the feet (as well as hands, face & ears) which correspond to each organ & system in the body. It follows the same theory behind acupuncture, in which the release of blockages of energy flow assist the body in returning to its natural state of balance and harmony.

I use different massage techniques to determine which areas of the body require particular attention. The treatment will relieve stress and tension and increase circulation to the entire body.

I don't aim to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure a specific disease, recommend stopping the use of prescription drugs or use any instruments or gadgets- just my hands and my heart!

Facial Reflexology

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