Teresa de Grosbois
A truly gifted healer! Sandra did wonders for my arthritis; not to mention my state of relaxation. She is simply the best at what she does. I highly recommend her.
Jennifer H.
I love Sandra's mobile massage & reflexology service. I was able to receive a 90 minute service at home with my newborn lying on the table with me and my older child playing around the house - heaven!!
Wendy B.
I loved the treatment. I felt so relaxed after and it really made a difference for the rest of my day. I would definitely go again for another treatment. I so loved the reflexology combined with the massage.
Cari F.
My husband Jason & I have had two wonderful massages from Sandra in the last couple of months. They were very relaxing and therapeutic. The best part is that she comes to us, which works well as we have a little one and that adds to the relaxation because we don't have to find a sitter and we can have them done in the comfort of our own home. Thanks Sandra! Your light shines in all you do!!
Lina O.
Great massage and great conversation. Felt very relaxed after and loved the fact that it was done in the comfort of my own home. I would definitely recommend Sandra.

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